Virtual support for greater efficiency

3D software

Innovative simulation software for offline programming of CNC tube bending machines

With our PC-compatible simulation software, bending programs can be created offline based on the Dengler machine user interface. The associated bending program allows on-screen checking and adjustments for bendability and collision for the CNC single-head, CNC double-head and CNC multi-head tube bending machines. The bending programs can be read in directly on the bending machines without any post-processing.

Efficient process — optimum quality

The following production preparations can be carried out on the PC without blocking the production machine

  • Creating the tube bending program
  • Working out the bending tool design and extensions
  • Detecting collisions
  • Station distribution of bends for optimal cycle times in production
  • Determining cycle time

In addition, the simulation helps save tubing material that is otherwise lost in the testing process. This responsible use of raw materials also makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

A summary of the benefits

Lower investment costs for machines
Less floor space for machines
Energy saving for bending machines
Lower labour costs for operating staff

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