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Maximum production efficiency thanks to first-rate service from specialists

At our Innovation Hub, we bundle all the services relating to the project planning for your specific application: system layout, bendability checks, cycle time calculations and verification. So you can count on full productivity right from the start.

Together with engineers from the Dengler Tube Tec Innovation Hub, you will implement the optimal solution for manufacturing a bent component and integrating it into your overall manufacturing process. The sooner you apply our expertise to your project, the greater the potential benefits.

What we offer

Machine relocations

Whether it's within a production facility or between continents: our employees will move your tube bending machines quickly and reliably from one production location to another.

By deploying our experienced personnel, you can ensure the machines will be fully available again on time for the planned start of production at the new location. While the machinery is being moved, this is a good opportunity to have preventive maintenance carried out by our staff at the same time.

Spare parts supply

We place a great emphasis on stocking common spare parts and developing a close relationship with our suppliers. The reason for this is that it allows us to significantly reduce any downtime experienced by our customers, with a focus on maintaining production at all times.

Thanks to our documentation of all the machines we have supplied going back many years, we are also able to easily locate replacement components for discontinued parts or items that are no longer available.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is of utmost importance, especially for machinery involved in production. We inspect your machines thoroughly and check them using specially manufactured testing equipment. This allows the current state of wear to be accurately assessed.

We will then provide you with a maintenance report detailing the condition of the machine and making recommendations with regard to upcoming repairs. These can then be carried out during a break in production. Of course, we carry out minor repairs immediately on site.

Machine repair

If your machine requires a repair during production, we will gladly take care of this for you. We know how to find and eliminate sources of error quickly — following proper processes and without great expense.

This is because we are bending machine specialists. And this means that targeted deployment of our personnel is often more cost-effective than attempting your own protracted troubleshooting.

Machine overhaul

We make sure your machines are fit for current production requirements. Our staff will perform a mechanical overhaul and implement repairs. As experienced consultants, they can also offer you support.

If required, we will work with you to check the precise cost-effectiveness of a machine upgrade — from an older model to something more up to date.

Upgrading control systems

Has your machine outlived the product life of its electronic components? Or perhaps you want to equip an existing machine with a new operating system? No problem! We can handle the appropriate control update or conversion work.

Whether it's simply installing the new software or replacing the entire machine control system, we offer quick and simple assistance and can recommend a future-oriented solution.


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