The company

Developing prototypes from customer orders

Since 1982, Dengler Tube Tec has specialised in the manufacture of CNC tube bending machines for brake, fuel and hydraulic control lines used in the automotive industry. From the very beginning, we have continuously developed our solutions into different types of machines, which can now fulfil almost every customer requirement. As a consequence, our "Made in Germany" bending machines are used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers all over the world.

The two brands Lang Tube Tec and Dengler Tube Tec operate in tandem under the umbrella of DenglerLang Tube Tec GmbH — a leading global developer and manufacturer of CNC bending machines for the automotive and vehicle industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, the offshore and furniture industries, and others.

"Becoming the market leader with strong products and excellent service — that is our strategy."

Claus Bergmann
Managing Director

Our history


Foundation of Dengler Schweißtechnik GmbH


Development of the CNC double-head tube bending machine


Presentation of the CNC single-head tube bending machine


Delivery of the first CNC multi-head tube bending machine

Since 2006

independent company Dengler Tube Tec GmbH and subsidiary of Schulz Group


Development of CNC single-head tube bending machine LR


Merger with Lang Tube Tec GmbH to form DenglerLang Tube Tec GmbH

Careers at Dengler Tube Tec

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