Dengler Tube Tec creates exciting career opportunities

Ongoing growth with excellent leadership: Dengler Tube Tec is an attractive employer that offers a variety of exciting job opportunities, so the company is constantly growing.

On the company's careers page, vacancies are listed in groups and are constantly updated. For example, Dengler Tube Tec is currently advertising an attractive position for an "E-technology engineer in control technology/commissioning".

But what makes working for the leading manufacturer of CNC bending machines so special? Dengler Tube Tec offers an innovative working environment that provides employees with stimulating, varied and responsible roles. Employees are given a great deal of personal freedom to contribute their own creative ideas.

In addition, an open corporate culture with flat hierarchies and decentralised decision-making is not just how things are done within Dengler Tube Tec, it is part of the corporate DNA and thus an essential component in the company's success. The corporate culture is characterised by a trusting and collegial working environment, which creates space for intrinsic motivation.

Premiere at the AOK Corporate Run in Bochum
With great enthusiasm and joy for movement, the Dengler team embraced the invitation to participate in the 13th AOK Corporate Run along the picturesque Kemnader Lake.
ERBM-LR tube bending machine demonstrates excellent innovation
Dengler Tube Tec repeatedly demonstrates its exceptional innovation capabilities — most recently, for example, with the presentation of the ERBM-LR tube bending machine.